End of Year Graduation and School Play

The children will be playing Peter Pan as part of their End of School Play and will be hosted on the 11th of June 2018 for the Jumeirah Branch and on the 12th of June for the Al Badaa Branch. The children have been working incredibly hard will all their time and effort practicing for the main event of the year. We are inviting all family and friends to come and see their child perform at our annual affair.


  • Finishing up with our extra curricular activities   
  •   Finishing up with the Academic year of 2017/18
  • End of year school play and graduation ceremony

Last Day of School 26th of June 2018

Summer Camp will commence on the 1st of July 2018



Sign your child up for weekly fun activities  

Activities such as swimming, cooking, football, yoga, dancing, arts and crafts, gymnastics, role play and creative play. Each week a new theme will be introduce.