Toddlers I
Age by 31st December: 1 year

Activities consist of educational play, singing, music and movement, learning nursery rhymes, jigsaw puzzles, play house activities, soft play, play dough and an introduction to arts and crafts. Children also participate in water play sessions. All activities are developed to improve the children's social and language skills.

Toddlers II
Age by 31st December: 2 years

Children will be exposed to situations that will help to develop their observation skills, curiosity, attention span and their imagination, while maintaining a balance between language, arts and crafts, physical activities and music. The program includes singing, music and movement, storytelling, puzzles and construction games. Age appropriate activities introduce the children to colours, shapes, and numbers. Arts and Crafts as well as the development of pre-writing skills are part of the daily program. All activities are intended to continue and improve the children's social and language skills