FS I (pre-KG)
Age by 31st December: 3 years

The Educator will provide opportunities for exploration, investigation and creativity. Children will learn to make independent choices, develop a shared understanding of spiritual, social and culture diversity. We will encourage the children to respect and care for others and the environment. Children will practice to further improve their gross and fine motor skills. The work includes learning the alphabet through jolly phonics, numbers, presentation and verbal reasoning, introduction to reading and writing and more complex Arts and Crafts. Other daily activities include learning centres, library corners, home centres, role play, dressing-up corner, block building, play dough moulding, circle time, group games, songs and storytelling.

Age by 31st December: 4 years

Our aim is to prepare the children for a smooth transition into Reception Classes at Primary Level. Our daily activities continue to develop children's critical thinking, problem solving skills and encourage creative thinking. This will help the children develop resilience to face challenges and make well-informed choices. The EYFS program for FS II (KG1) is based on practising letter recognition for reading and recall for spelling. Oral blending, segmentation and recognition of high-frequency words are part of the pre-reading skills taught in FS II (KG1). In mathematics program, the centre uses a multi-sensory approach to develop the children's mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, measuring, grouping and sequencing.